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Returning to Katahdin: An Appalachian Trail Dream

Did you ever want to hike the Appalachian Trail? Come and listen to Bruce Matson and Steve Adams as Bruce prepares for his journey in 2018. They'll be continuing their conversation while Bruce is on the trail, all the way back to Katahdin.

Thanks so much to our title sponsor, Trailtopia. Great friends and great food is a winning combination.

Jan 29, 2018

With everything coming together, Steve and Bruce turn their attention to the supply, resupply, and the delivery systems that Bruce will take with him with regard to food.

He will be receiving packages from home at intervals and decide once he gets to his home state of Virginia whether or not he wants to continue the...

Jan 22, 2018

Bruce's planning has included the very real possibility, indeed certainty, that he will face some extreme weather by heading out so early. To that end, he has built a Winter Supplement that brings in certain items that will later be changed when the warmer weather arrives. You can see his Winter Supplement at this

Jan 15, 2018

We're on to Bruce's choice of gear, with the Big Three uppermost in his mind. These are the tent, the backpack, and the sleeping bag. As always with Bruce, he has put a lot of thought into these choices. His rationale for his choice of tent came from a remark of an REI employee. Always worth listening to the experts!...

Jan 8, 2018

The premise for this week's show mirrors a popular show in the UK for the past 75 years. Bruce has chosen just eight "discs" to take with him on his journey. Limiting himself to just eight was a real challenge. So much so that he came up with a list of 24. This man is REALLY thorough!!

We also had a question from Judy...

Jan 1, 2018

This week, we talk about the various fears–or maybe just concerns–that afflict hikers when they prepare to head out into the woods for six months. Bruce is so well prepared and has considered many of the things that may happen while he is away. Yet he still finds a few things that will make him keep a watchful...